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Desirable, warm, affordable homes for life

Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new build standard and funding approach. The mission of Energiesprong UK is to scale this approach in the UK market. The Energiesprong standard focuses on creating desirable homes that people love to live in. Because an Energiesprong retrofit (or new build) has the very best energy standard available, it uses the money that would normally be paid on energy bills and maintenance to pay for the works. The Energiesprong approach can do this while assuring the cost of living does not go up, because the standard guarantees real life performance for both indoor comfort and energy use for up to 40 years.‍Finally, and because desirability is at the forefront of what Energiesprong is about, the retrofits are also quick to install: a complete house makeover should take less than 10 days.

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