Staff at design company Normally have worked a four-day week since it was founded in 2014.

Normally profiled on BBC.

Design company Normally has had a four-day working week since it launched in 2014. Staff can choose which day to take off, though most opt for Friday.

The company says: Everyone uses their fifth day differently. Many parents use it to care for their children. We also ride mountain bikes, read, visit museums, volunteer, hike, bake bread, teach, travel, learn instruments, brew cider and do laundry. There are no rules about our fifth day – just don’t work on it!”

They add that they have needed to be vigilant to avoid working less days leading to working longer hours: If anyone does have to work late, it is not regarded as a sign of commitment but as a sign that we need to understand the cause and work on how to work more efficiently.”


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